Discover Prediseo Rank

Discover the main features of Prediseo Rank reports.

You start with Prediseo Rank? In this screenshot we listed sections below to discover the main tools in the “Reports” tab.

Reporting tab interface map

Displayed at the top of each page in Prediseo Rank, navigation links provide access to 4 main areas:

  • Home includes a list of all your accounts and properties, as well as a quick overview of their performance.
  • Reports gives you access to reports and dashboards.
  • Admin allows you to manage accounts, properties and views.

② Browse reports

Here you can access all your reports.

  • Click a report category to see the reports in that category. (The Analyse category is open in the interface map graphic above.)
  • Click « to hide the report navigation pane. Click » to open it again.

③ Report header

The report header appears at the top of every report in Prediseo Rank. The header includes the report title and controls that act on the report as a whole.

You can Export your report data for use in other applications, such as Excel.

  • The search terms group selector lets you change the search term group of the report.
  • The date selector lets you change the date range of the report.

④ Graph view

The top portion of most Explorer tabs displays a graphical view of your data. Graph controls include:

  • Graph metric selector: change the metrics plotted on the graph view. You can compare 2 metrics on the graph; for example, Average Position vs. Average Number of Results.

⑤ Data table view

Data table controls include:

  • Primary dimension links: change the primary dimension in the report.
  • Plot Rows button: add rows you’ve selected (by using the checkboxes) to the graph view.
  • Secondary dimension menu: add another dimension to the report.
    • To remove a secondary dimension, click the X in the dimension column’s header.

There are a few additional controls not shown in the interface map image at the beginning of this article:

  • Pagination controls: change the number of rows displayed, jump to a specific page of data, or navigate page by page using the controls below the data table.
  • Refresh report link: update the data displayed in the report by clicking the link located at the very bottom of the page, next to the generation date.

Understanding and interacting with the data table

The first column of the data table is the primary dimension. Your data is grouped by this column. If you’ve selected a secondary dimension, that will appear in the next column, further grouping your data. The remaining columns in the data table are the metrics associated with the selected dimensions.

You can perform a number of actions directly on the data table, such as:

  • Use the checkboxes preceding a row to select that row. You can then plot the selected rows on your graph view using the Plot Rows button.
  • Hover over the ? icon in a column label to see a definition of that dimenion or metric.
  • Sort the table by a column by clicking the column header. Note: this is a simple ASCII sort.